Saloon Girl Dresses are always a favourite so

why not dress up as a Sexy Dance Hall Lady for your

next Wild West Theme Party or even for Halloween?

Saloon girl dressesSaloon girl dresses – there are styles to flatter every figure.

Be the belle of the dance hall this year in one of this year’s most seductive Saloon Girl Dresses.

This gorgeous outfit features a sexy maroon peasant top with a black lace bustier and an attached black sparkle crinoline.

Included with the costume are long satin gloves, fishnet stockings, a black lace fan and of course a black lace garter complete with a little toy gun to keep those cowboys in line.

This hand washable costume comes in adult sizes of Small/Medium and Medium/Large. Shoes are not included.

There is also a beautiful Plus Size version of this costume available. Find yourself a cowboy, a sherriff or maybe an old time card shark and your look will be complete!

Bodices were cut low and neck, shoulders and arms were usually bare. Saloon Girl dresses often sparkled in the lamplight with beads and sequins.

More Saloon girl dresses…

This sassy, sexy outfit will tame the Wildest of WesternPlus size dance hall outfit parties!

Another of this year’s sexy Saloon Girl dresses has a knee length black skirt trimmed with red sequins and sheer organza to let you flounce, shimmer and sparkle all night long.

The top is black and red with puffed sleeves and has a matching corset belt.

Also included is the headpiece with its jaunty feather.

Costume comes in Plus size (18 – 22) only and is hand washable.

Add your own shoes, tights, choker and maybe a cowboy (or two) and the West will be won!

The Saloon Girls were often referred to as “painted ladies” because they had the cheek to wear make-up and dye their hair. Life in the bars could be boisterous to say the least so the girls often armed themselves with pistols or bejewelled daggers which they concealed in their boot tops or tucked into the garter that held their stockings up.

Saloon Girl Dresses – Grand Heritage Collection Adult Costume!

Dancing CostumeDance the night away in this sexiest of Saloon Girl dresses.

An olive green dress with black lace overlay on the bodice. There is a longer sheer overskirt which still shows off your legs without making you feel too exposed!

Available in small, medium and large sizes the Saloon Girl Grand Heritage is Premium quality and includes the jaunty feathered headpiece, lace glovelets and of course – that sexy garter!

Team it with your own favourite boots, fishnet stockings and perhaps a feather boa and you’re set!

Saloon Girl Adult Costume!

Sumptuous red velvet to the bodice of this outfit is laced to give a corset effect and helps to ensure a perfect saloon girl costume

The fringed skirt is hitched up either side of the front to make this costume extremely flattering.

The choker necklace with matching feather for your hair completes the look.

Cold machine washable the available sizes are X-small, small, medium and large.

Why not Finish the Look of your Saloon Girl dresses With Victorian Style Boots?

Lady's Victorian styed boots

The perfect boots to compliment any of the Saloon Girl dresses or numerous other styles of costume for that matter! With their traditional styling these boot s give an authentic finishing touch.

Featuring a 1 inch sculpted heel the Amelia boot comes in black and is available in women’s sizes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

A Rose by Any Other Name…

In the communities of the Wild West, the tough Puritan sanctions weren’t as practical as in America’s more highly conservative eastern settlements.

The main difference in the American West was the existence of girls in saloons and dance halls. The presence of women in bars was unheard of east of the Missouri River apart from in German beer halls, where the daughters and/or wives of the proprietors frequently acted as barmaids and waitresses.

Despite the fact that the “proper” ladies still labelled those that did not share their standards through actions, mode of dress or sexual ethics, as “disgraceful,” the disreputable ladies of the West used to be, in general, tolerated by other women as being a necessary evil.

The California ‘49ers labelled these ladies with names like sporting women or ladies of the line. Whilst the cowboys called them soiled doves. Amid the countless trails of Kansas, widespread expressions included fallen frails, daughters of sin, nymphs du prairie and doves of the roost.
These ladies ended up being as much a part of the Old West as the cowboys, miners and outlaws and additional nicknames for them were – fallen angels, frail sisters, scarlet ladies, painted cats and fair belles – amongst dozens of others.

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